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September 4, 2018

I read an interesting article the other day on Medium about PTSD. The writer opined that PTSD has changed from the war torn soldier facing demons from what they encountered during operational duties to one that affects many people in day to day lives, and how this change causes people to react differently to someone who has PTSD from abuse, a serious medical injury, severe emotional bullying from parents or witnessing horrific acts, or being made to particiapte in horrific acts, from someone who has PTSD from being in the military or a police officer.

Interesting as I was just talking to my husband about this very topic last week. The typical spin on PTSD, or, as it is called in the military and RCMP, an OSI...Operational Stres...

February 28, 2017

PTSD has been around for decades, although the name has gone several incarnations and the trauma list has grown as well. A hundred years ago, it was shell shock and was attributed to acts of aggression seen or done in WW1. A hundred years later it relates to anyone who witnessed or was a survivor of a traumatic event, and our normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

Think about that for a second, a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. A normal reaction. Not a weakness in character, a flaw in your design, not crazy, not lazy, not, not being enough of a man, (yes I am an editor and yes I used a double negative) not being a coward, not making stuff up, not looking for attention. NOT. It is a normal reaction. 

I have compound co...

August 29, 2016

All right, so when I started this blog three years ago, I decided I wanted to be a hippie. So far, so good.

Three years later, I am a trained and Certified Yoga Instructor specializing in Yoga for Mental Heath, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, I am registered in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certification program, I am teaching yoga twice a week for a police organization and have done more writing and editing.

I am planning a three day Yoga Retreat and contemplating ghost writing a Yoga book for a highly intelligent, creative and flexible person.

I have also since then, been promoted and lead a unit in Operational Support. Been published a few more times, still working on the novel, and still battling demons.

I have achieved m...

August 16, 2016

What If

It's been a weird week for me. Been really sentimental and looking at pictures of all the dogs I have loved and lost. Been thinking about where I am and where I want to be. Thinking about work and where it is going. Thinking of new stories and ideas. Thinking of people thousands of miles away whom I wish were closer so I can wrap my arms around them and tell them how happy I am they are in my life. And hoping they will be with me in this life and all others......

Yeah I live in my head. Always have. I analyze, rationalize, plot, think, re-hash and anthropomorphize  everything. Never gets lonely in there. Too many things to keep me company. I can honestly say I have never been bored. And until 7 years ago, never knew what...

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