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Canadian Yoga Alliance

Education, Training and Volunteer Work

I started with the basic Yoga 300RYT Training and it was an exciting, exhilarating and an experience so profound, it left me wondering what more there was to Yoga.  

As you may not know, Yoga is so much more than getting into a wheel pose and hanging out. Most people think yoga is the asanas, but there are so much more powerful tools available in the Yoga world. 

There is breathing, which is the most important aspect of what we do. Without our breath, nothing else matters. 

Everyone breaths, but most do it ineffectively. Yoga teaches to breathe fully and deeply, to gain a control over our central nervous system just by controlling our breath. What an exquisite tool!

Then there is the gift of meditation. The ability to look within ourselves to find the answer and the power to lead a successful and stress free life. We were created with Divine gifts. All we need is a little coaxing in getting them into the daylight. 

The other service offer is a diversified practise coaching people going through the difficult process of how to communicate and build relationships with people we love, in the workplace, and in life, business and leadership coaching 

We all have specific needs, and if our needs are not met, our lives become out of whack.


Ninety percent of all conflict in our lives comes from not understanding our own needs or the needs of people we work with, or our families. 

I teach you how to work with others through better communication and build stronger relationships. 



Certified Teacher Training  

Certified Warrior Yoga        

Certified Therapeutic Yoga  

Certified Aromatherapist

Certified Human Behaviour Consultant

Certified Life Coach

Certified Crucial Conversations

Certified Hypnotherapist





I volunteer my time with the Federal and Municipal Government helping adults and youth deal with trauma and stress, and to educate people to increase coping skills through a positive framework model. 

I also travel throughout Manitoba giving presentations on mental wellness, and to incorporate simple things to increase resilience.