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The Wild Thing Yoga

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Therapeutic Yoga Five Sessions 

Five Sessions of Therapeutic Yoga combined with guided meditation. 

Call for appointments. Sessions are 1 hour 10 minutes.

Relaxation, Flexibility, Stress Reduction

Five Package Session is $200

Tenets of Treatment Process

1. No Judgement: We are all on a journey and we all have a past. Thoughts and beliefs are examined in a non-judgemental way to allow for change and growth. We look at things from a neutral and rational perspective, and take it everything as it is, including ourselves and others as they are, which leads to;

2. Curiosity: We become curious about behaviours and analyze them based on what the intention, or what was the decision based on what our experiences were at the time, which leads to;

3. Acceptance: We learn things as they are and drop the assumptions, or the stories we've told ourselves. We stop the tapes running through our heads, and reframe them with;

4. Positive Action and Thought: We move forward through positive action and thought, and re-wire the brain to stop the stories, and to become;

5. Objective: We look at beliefs, thoughts, patterns, decisions and actions, and examine them objectively, and how our emotions tied into those beliefs, and then we;

6. Reframe our World View: Finally, we show different thoughts and beliefs giving us a different perspective; examine the issue and problems in a new light, which can allow us to move forward, and then we;

7. Set Realistic Expectations: Being realistic means that patterns can change from negative to positive, and we may have set backs, however, we also have the power to change the set backs and move forward. We have realistic expectations so when set backs occur, we have the tools to stop the spiral and create healthy coping mechanisms.